Friday, June 21, 2013

Are You Looking For Edible Picture Prints For Cakes?

Are you looking for whom can print out your personal picture on a edible paper for your cake?
We offer standard paper size 10"x 7". However if you need a bigger size then standard, please notify us. In order to help you out on breaking up the picture into different pages allowing us to have a bigger size then the standard.
for Example half sheet, can be covered with 4 edible pages.
Full sheet can be covered with 8 pages.
Cakes round or square bigger then 10"x 7" we will inform you on how many pages you need.
If you are just a one time customer, the price will be $10.00 per page.
If you are a personal baker for your house hold we can offer better prices depending on your constant purchase.

SEND YOU PICTURE VIA EMAIL TO: please make sure write you name, size of picture that we will print or the size of the cake, and by when you need it. 
or you can come in to our location, and we can scan the picture.
2540 Marsh Ln. STE # 146
Carrollton Tx,75006
Our website is: WWW.CAKES4ALL.COM

Quarter Sheet Sample Standard Size

Half sheet Single page on center

full sheet,  lines can be visible due to connection, 8 pages to cover it

Policies for Edible Picture Print:

  1.  Picture will be printed AS IS!
  2.  We do not do Photo Editing. 
  3.  No Pictures from your mobile phone. (contains bad quality will come out BLURRY)
  4.  No Picture will be printed out in advancement payment is required at all time.
  5.  Some color tones can vary. *It is out of our control to fix this inconvenient due to we print the pictures AS IS. 
  6. Local area only. DALLAS, FORT-WORTH